Have you admired some quilts but afraid they are too difficult for you to tackle?

Conquer that fear by attending our classes to learn step by step techniques to make these quilts. These techniques are transferrable to other quilts too!

"You did a lot of good in your earlier work, and it’s nice to see you applying your artistic and business skills now."

- Stephanie Lees


Learn how to make different quilt blocks and put them together in a quilt top. Depending upon the pattern, this may include foundation piecing, traditional piecing, use of rulers, and other tips to make your quilt.


There are a variety of different ways to make and secure appliques to your quilt top. Learn specific techniques for each quilt pattern. Pick your favorite and use it often!


Do you want to add a little more bling or zing to your quilt to make it really stand out? Learn different ways to embellish your quilt and when to use them.

Hi, I’m Laureen Smith

I am a recovering corporate director, who is now sharing my love for quilting and needlework with others. I have been very successful in designing quilts and want to share how to make these beautiful projects with you.